Fashion is Now

Fashion blows like the wind. With every changing season brings a new style that brings a feeling of awe or nausea. But that’s why we love fashion, because like music it is subjective and it looks good once we get inspired buy the right fit or the right person wearing it. Fashion designers work tirelesslyContinue reading “Fashion is Now”

Chop It Off

Its been a while since my last post. During this pandemic, it is essential to step back and focus on the important things such as health and our well-being. 4 months into lockdown and I had enough. I took the plunge and cut my hair off. After 4 years of growth, canerows, twists and plaitsContinue reading “Chop It Off”


We’re back with something a little different this week. In this weeks interview styled blog I spoke to Caleb (footballer, poet, trainer, musician, developing producer, and more) about his locs journey. If you’re thinking about growing or even cutting your locs keep reading! We had chat about his local journey, his hairstyle preferences and whatContinue reading “LOCS: THE INTERVIEW”

Quarantine Love

Bored in the house and I’m in the house bored. Quick Quarantine Read