Texture Flexer

“Hair texture? What even is that? Is it even important? Hair is hair and as long as I’ve got it and it isn’t falling out then I’m calm.”

This was literally my response a couple years ago to the thought of hair texture. It’s only when I tried different hairstyles and wondered why my hair weren’t looking like AJ Tracey’s plaits or Sammie’s canerows I quickly had to “do my googles.”

There are many different hair textures and the easiest thing to do when growing your hair or before trying to do styles is to identify YOUR hair texture. I’m going to go show the different hair types so you can identify what category your hair falls under .

Type 2 (WAVEY). This hair pattern is bendable and has an S pattern that lays closer to your head

Type – 2A has a very fine texture that is easy to straighten out.

Type – 2B has a flatter look at the base of your head, with S shaped waves starting at midlength of the hair

Type – 2C are thicker and coarse with the S shaped definition starting at the roots of your hair and is more defined than the other categories

Type 3 (CURLY). This hair pattern is generally naturally curly and ranges from loose to tight curls.

Type – 3A hair pattern are large loose curls

Type – 3B has more of a coarse and springy feel to it where curls are a bit tighter and more defined

Type – 3C curls are much tighter and are compact

Type 4 (COILY) hair strands form very tight, small curls right from the scalp

Type – 4A have dense and springy S patterened curls that are roughly the circumference of a crochet needle (if you crochet) if not I bet your mum or grandma does LOL!

Type – 4B hair strands are densely packed together and can easily bend in sharp angles like the letter Z (Mazzaleeen)

Type – 4C is very similar to the type 4B texture, but strands are even more tightly coiled and are more fragile. They often have a tightly packed zig zag pattern that is easy to spot. This hair type is prone to shrinkage and will always end up looking shorter at the end of day compared to when you just woke up in the morning



THE MOST ANTICIPATED BAR OF THE WEEK IS: “IF YOU CAN’T DO 10K FIRST WEEK THEN I DONT WANA HEAR NO CHAT ABOUT NUMBERS!” Taken off Stormzy’s new track titled “WILEY FLOW”. You know this bar is getting an instant wheel-up!

If you want your favourite bar to feature on next weeks blog leave a comment below or let me know via my insta handle: “@mr_nstz”

Let me know your hair type in the comments below and look out for next weeks post!

2 replies on “Texture Flexer”

4C hair type is a lifelong problem especially when you’re active, you can literally see it shrink while doing sports😭


One of the main criticism I have is; how do we define the hair types when people are using different chemicals and ways to acquire that specific look? The infamous Michael Jackson went from Afro to Asian sleek hair. Porosity of the hair, density and indeed the appearance ultimately changes.

I also have had the opportunity a few years ago to allow the gracious hands of a barber, as I am indeed a mature woman, to take my hair down to a phased/fade explained in categories from a number 5 to a number 1…beats me; I just know I didn’t have much hair on my scalp. This practitioner in hair-cutting further explained that I had two hair types on my head and the essence of an Indian DNA caused him difficulty in cutting it as some lay flat and others curled. He managed to make it look ‘pukka’ in his persistence and dedication to complete his artistic creation. Took years of me; I dare say!

Hair types are indeed an interesting subject and I read somewhere that:
Caucasian hair grows diagonally and at a rate of about 5 inches a year. Caucasian hair density is the highest of the three ethnic categories and is therefore the fullest and yet Asian hair grows even quicker than the Caucasians at an alarming rate of 6 inches or more a year. I am puzzled as black people have the slowest rate of hair growth research couldn’t find a yearly growth rate.

Just to give food for thought…. what about grey hair. No-one talks about grey hair! Do you know there are far more young people greying quicker than some ageables. The hair becomes more wirey and thicker than normal hair; does the same 4a, 4b or Z apply in all hair types??

I firmly believe Dna plays a part and we are what we eat so what we fuel our body with will determine how quickly our hair grows. Grooming ones hair can also define, determine and change the texture of hair.

Furthermore; as long as we have new technology, chemicals and such; the dynamics of how hair changes, grows, feels and appears always reverts back to the original state at some point!

Nature – v – Nurture is the question?


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