Durag Season🥶

Whats the whole point of durags? Are they a necessity or are they more of a fashion statement? We will never forget when David Beckham wore a durag to meet Prince Charles! Wrong place, wrong time but its still such a legendary moment in British history. This raised similar controversy when Love Islands Jack Fowler aka “Black Jack” wore a durag to win a competition on a YouTube channel.

There have been many iconic moments in history that have raised the durags profile over the years. #DuragHistoryWeek has been comically celebrated on Twitter to show how the use of durags has helped significantly improve an entertainer’s career over the years. If you think about it, back in the day, could you imagine Ja Rule without a durag?! I think not. This trend has not gone out of fashion just yet, with many modern UK & USA rappers donning it in their music videos and its everyday use from guys wearing it to the gym, shopping and just being out and about. Durags come in different colours and materials, with many companies specialising in the manufacture and sale of top quality durags. Shout out Shyne Durags; “The UK’s official silky durag dealer.” You can find them on (shynedurags.com).

Durags provide many benefits for mens hair. They can be used to maintain waves and longer hairstyles over night while we sleep. 360 waves are encouraged by the use of durags as it essentially trains your hair to lay flat on your head rather than growing outwards. The durag will hold the moisture in your hair at night and maintains the progress made to ensure 360 waves are attained. Another tip to ensure you keep your waves on swim is to apply your durag straight after a brush session to ensure it keeps your hair in the place the brushes movements were focussed on.

Twists, plaits and canerows are preserved for a longer period of time by the use of durags, as they ensure a hairstyles freshness and prevent hair becoming loose as we sleep during the night. If you are a sleeper that tends to toss and turn at night I would highly recommend the use of a durag when going to bed. If not, you are most likely to wake up the next morning looking peak! The use of the durag will ensure that stray hair does not come out and bend awkwardly.

Research has also shown that the use of durags can lead to the improvement of the texture of your hair. Dry or rough hair is a common problem people face due to our hair being exposed to pollution in the air which evaporates the moisture in our hair. After applying the necessary oils and creams to ensure your hair is being moisturized effiecently, wearing a durag will ripple the effects of this and would make your hair smooth and healthy.

Durags also help to keep your hairstyle in tact. If your hair has just been twisted, plaited, faded and you want to preserve its freshness; apply your durag straight after. If you are planning on going to a party or on a date with a sweet one (crème bruele) *Ambush voice*and there are possible chances your hairstyle may mess up for unpredicted reasons. Apply your durag and once you have reached your destination, surprise the venue with the wavey style under the durag and secure the bag!

I’m sure all you readers know how to do this, BUT if you do not know how to tie your durag efficiently and want to double check what it should look like then take a look at A$AP Ferg’s interview and tutorial with GQ on how to do this in the link below:

If you have any questions on the use of durags, or any comments in regards to the information shared in this week’s blog post; leave a comment and like below. Until next time!


My favourite part of the week – BAR OF THE WEEK! This weeks top tier bar is taken from Wretch – Insurance. This track is from Wretch 32’s new album “Upon Reflection” which was released on the 18th October 2019. The flow and bars in this verse are UNDEFEATED! The BAR OF THE WEEK IS:
“Bang bang bang at your land rover, i don’t know call that a gun range. Bang bang bang, you’re in theatre, I don’t know, call that gun play.”

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