Plait-inum Stylez

This week’s blog will be covering plaits, the highs and lows, how they are created and how they benefit our hair health. I am currently rocking a new style which was inspired by AJ Tracey on the cover of his Deluxe album. I’m not even going to lie, this is my favourite hairstyle I have had – SO FAR!

Plaits are another highly popular hairstyle which can used by many different hair textures. They are a multi-functional style and provide a variety of unique looks.

They are fairly more complex than twists and are formed by interlacing three or more strands of hair. This is achieved by splitting the hair into three sections.

Plaits can be left to fall off the head like how Krept has his, or they can be put into a ponytail at the top or back of your head – a style that Scorcher has rocked many times. Or they can be canerowed at the top of your head as seen in my picture above.

There is a deep-rooted history behind plaits, which makes the concept of this hairstyle more prolific amongst others. This style dates back to 3500 BC and was mainly used as symbolic style of societal status, ethnicity and religion within African culture and was very popular among women.

Aylsa Pace of @bomanesalon states that braiding (also known as plaits/plaiting) started in Africa with the Himba people of Namibia. In many African tribes, braid patterns and hairstyles were an indication of a person’s tribe, marital status, age, wealth and power.

The elder’s would braid their children’s hair, then their children would watch and learn from them. This was a skill that has been knowingly passed down through the generations. That’s a perfect example of being a “TOP MILITERIAN” – J Hus would appreciate that! Plaits became immensely popular around the world in the 1900s with women, men and children rocking this style.

J Hus has been recently returning back to his routes and begun teaching people how to be a “Militerian”

There are a few benefits to getting your hair plaited. Plaits, like twists are very low maintenance and can be kept in for up to 3 weeks before they will need to be re-done. All they require is regular greasing of your scalp to maintain its moisture and to sleep with a durag to ensure that your plaits do not become frayed and messy.

This style also aids with natural hair growth and maintain you’re hairs moisture as they are classed a “protective style.” This is a style that protects your hair from natural elements such as rain and wind which could lead to hair breakage. Healthy hair is key to hair growth and this style will ensure that your hair remains as healthy as possible.

Plaits add variety to the styles you can achieve. Have a scroll through the pictures in this blog to see the different plaits styles you may like to try. Ranging from the classical man bun, loose plaits, short plaits and plaits that are canerowed into a variety of styles.

@brinashairlounge – the personal hairstylist for AJ Tracey is a magician with her plait styles. This can be seen with the wide catalogue of hairstyles AJ Tracey has in his videos, insta posts and as mentioned before – his album cover.

This draws a satisfying end to this weeks blog on plaits, their history, the different hairstyles you can do with them and the natural benefits it provides your hair with.


If you haven’t been keeping up to date with the Wiley v Stormzy beef I suggest you do your research. This week’s song of the week is awarded to Stormzy for his second war dub to Wiley titled ‘STILL DISAPPOINTED’

Stormzy 2 – 0 Wiley. If you disagree, let me know in the comments below.


It’s 2020 and Bar of the week is back baby!

AND…. We have to give it to Ghetts for this cheeky bar in the ‘XPENSIVE HABITS REMIX’

“My monthly outgoings are mental but so is my income.
Cant buy 1 gotta buy 2 – identical twin one.
I got that for my son in the blue, and got my daughter the pink one”

One Acen – Expensive Habits Remix featuring JME X GHETTS X CHIP

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