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We’re back with something a little different this week. In this weeks interview styled blog I spoke to Andre Hart the man behind the rising educational clothing brand “hArt Apparel Store.” If you’re into fashion, hair and inspiration keep reading! We had chat about his brand, his goals and his achievements so far. Its worth the read trust me – so lets get into it!

What inspired you to start hArt Apparel?

I started hArt Aparrel Store mainly because I feel like there’s so much undiscovered art out there. My surname is Hart, and I didn’t even clock till recently that my name has the word “ART”; in it. We overlook things that are right in front of us sometimes. I made it my job to look beneath the surface, hence – hArt Apparel Store.

Would you say that fashion has a heavy influence on the way you think and dress personally?

Personally? Yeah 100%. Look good, feel good, I’ve always been one to take extra pride in my appearance, I’m always the “fashionably late” one in the group. I like to take inspiration from current trends and make them my own.

How long have you been running the company for?

I initially manifested the brand on the 1st January 2019 then officially launched on May 25th of the same year. It was in the works prior, I just didn’t want to rush things.

Where are you based?

We are based in East London, Newham – Custom House

How are you different from the rest of the fashion lines out there at the moment? What makes you unique?

I think what makes hAS unique is its mantra. I’ve labelled it as education streetwear. Aiming to bridge the gap between fashion and education. Sports & Fashion is so synonymous, why can’t education? If I can educate and make it trendy, I’ve done my job.

Can you explain how your clothing benefits natural hair? Do you use unique materials?

I’ve wanted to make hair protective hoodies for ages, I used to have long hair and it would always mess up fast during winter when I’d put up my hood. Now I’ve got a fade with waves, same issue! The satin lined hoody I recently released is the solution! Same material as a bonnet or durag, less hassle! You don’t even have to have afro hair to benefit. The comfort suits all.

What are hArt Apparels plans for 2020?

2020 for the brand is about establishing our niche in the market. People know we have clothing but clothing is only one half of the brand. The other half is what we DO. We are planning an event for the summer too. Our 1 year anniversary celebration. Due to be lit!

Have any social/famous figures worn or supported your brand?

I’ve reached out to a few people that I’ve crossed paths with growing up in east. Yxng Bane, Selecta Jay, Darren Hart aka Hartman, to name a few all have Tees.

I’ve seen you describe your clothing brand as educational streetwear – a segment for young writers to create within fashion. Can you elaborate more on this and how you allow writers to do this?

I want to be able to connect with young adults who love creating literature. An aspiring poet from UEL for example or an aspiring storyteller from St Bonaventures. I’d love to help them get their work out there, my clothing the canvas for them to create. Whether on clothing or even a blog space.

Where do you see Hart Apparel in 5 years?

Collaborating first and foremost with the youths who want to be involved. Then collaborating with other microbrands who I could exchange values with.

Long term? I’d want to have so much of an effect on education that I completely infiltrate the SYSTEM! Being the supplier for University merch would be my goal. Then I would like to take over school uniforms/PE kits, anything fashion, education related needs to run through the hArt apparel store – the leaders of the new school.

This concludes a detailed overlook of the upcoming wavey brand “hArt Apparel Store.” I am definitely copping a grey hoodie after this chat. If you want to find the brand online – their insta handle is @hartapparelstore. Check them out, cop a tee, hat or jumper and support the brand. This is definitely one to look out for, 2020 promises to bring big things for the brand, their exposure and growth!!


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