Insomnia – Chip Edition

3 of arguably the biggest UK rappers released the tape of 2020 so far titled “Insomnia”. This 12 track tape brings a variety of bars, hooks and smoke. We haven’t had any sleep since its dropped and now we are going to review the tape. But instead of going track by track we are going to delve into this rapper by rapper. Who gets all the smoke?! Keep reading and you’ll find out!!

On a recent Instagram live interview with Michael Dapaah and Chip, Michael Dapaah asked Chip what he wanted his legacy to be when he was finally done with music. Chip coyly stated that when people look back on his career he wants people to say that this guy had bars. That is one undeniable fact about Chips illustrious rap career – he just Cant Run Out Of Bars.

Chip is definitely the star of this Insomnia album. He delivers on every track on the album and switches his flow to match the beat whenever it is necessary. He has proven to be one of the most lyrically gifted rappers in the country on this album as he goes back to back with Skepta and Young Adz who are arguably at the top of their game right now.

Chip shows his ruthlessness in verse on the track “Waze” and drops many quotable phrases such as “these days mcs only say they’re the best when they are the only ones in the room.” Bars like this have brought about a big buzz publicly, on social media and even by Americans in recent reaction videos. Check out a reaction video for the song “Waze” below.

The trio dropped the music video for the track “Mains” recently, this song is a personal favourite of mine. Chip’s flow and wordplay over this beat solidifies his talent – he even borrows Young Adz style and switches back to his own effortlessly.

“Three piece suit, I look like someone’s husband, don’t be fooled, I don’t cufflinks” – this bar is found on the 2nd song of the album titled Golden Brown, where we hear Chip give a reflection on life and gives a quirky outlook on how he sets his own path rather than follow one.

“Chips just cool, he’s not a goon (that’s facts) but I’ll lick you with the violent rhymes” Chip spits this on his verse on Demons (feat Dirtbike LB) and that’s a fact – if you look back to all his war dubs a few years ago. This tune has 10000x replay value!

ST Tropez is a VIBEEE!! Skeppy, Young Adz and Chip all delivered on this one. The beat really draws out the natural talent of these rappers to flow and rhyme going back to back in such an effortless manner.

Chip delivers a smoother, more melodic flow over Mic Check which fits well with this beat. It shows a softer more versatile to Chips pen game.

Traumatised looks at a darker side of life for the 3 rappers and what they deal with outside of the music industry. Chip makes reference to PTSD and allows us to have an insight into how deep things can get. Sin City follows a similar subject path with Chip rhyming on the past and how he found his path to music. “I said dad I wanna rap cus I want all the things that the shottas have.” The lyrics for this one are deep which is why the trio released a lyric video for this track. Highlighting the importance of the message they are preaching on this one.

High road – “I miss the days where if you couldn’t rap you DIDN’T.” Chip deservedly gives himself his own accolades on this one. Solidifying the fact that he was there from the beginning and is an example of how hard work can improve your life for the better.

Star In The Hood – “call me a legend when they see me, my nigga I aint even gotta die” – If you go through Chips discovery and the impact he has left on the scene over the past 13 years – you would HAVE to call it legendary.

Intro – put at the end of the album, and what a way to end it! A quck back to back from the trio with Chips line ending on “don’t need a pot, just whipping an m in the booth.”

RATING: CHIP = 10/10