Insomnia – Young Adz Edition

Second up on this trilogy project is Young Adz. One half of DBE Young Adz is known for bringing the Wave music into the UK scene with the likes of M Huncho, Yxng Bane and Nafe Smallz.  Young Adz has been known as a barrer in his earlier days but focuses more on melodies now. 

The big question that most fans had when they heard about this joint project, was whether he would be able to hold his own with the lyrical abilities of Skepta and Chip. Young Adz was able to deliver.

While he may not have been as lyrically inclined in the project as Chip and Skepta, he was able to hold his own with the content delivered and the flows used and of course with his ability to turn any melody into a hit. This is highlighted in the lead single ‘Waze’.  Whilst when the song first dropped many weren’t sure about whether it was a hit or not, after a week all doubts were diminished. Young Adz’s hook is one of the reasons for this. His ability to make anything catchy is unparalleled.

It is well known that Young Adz has a Greezy past. This is ever more prevalent in this tape. The content he talks about is more of an insight into his past and is a fresh brake from the content he is known for on his songs.

We hear more of Young Adz’s pain and trauma from his life on the roads. His verse on the song ‘High Roads’ shows this. His first line ‘I watched my favourite fiend Donna die’ holds extreme weight as you come to the realisation that not only did it impact him, he was the cause of her death. His delivery and flow on this verse really helps the words sink in and is definitely a stand out on the project. 

In ‘Insomnia interlude’ we get more of the old Young Adz with the content we have become accustomed to, and it is too wavey. The Flow and Melodies Young Adz hits in that song are extremely catchy and have you bopping your head like the Jay Z meme without realising it. 

As said before when this tape was announced, we had our doubts as to whether he would be able to keep up with Skepta and Chip as they have both been deep in the game for so many years. Young Adz did not let himself down and held his own on the project. His spot was well deserved, and he added an element to the project that Chip and Skepta could not have brought. 


Words by – @TheOfficial80