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Chop It Off

Its been a while since my last post. During this pandemic, it is essential to step back and focus on the important things such as health and our well-being.

4 months into lockdown and I had enough. I took the plunge and cut my hair off. After 4 years of growth, canerows, twists and plaits it was time for something new.

Coming out of lockdown feeling like a new man. A man with waves (SOON)!

The anticipation of barbers opening up in July really got to me. My hair felt like it was heavy, hard to maintain and I genuinely didn’t know what else to do with my hair as I had done every style I liked (except locs).

Seeing every guys before and after lockdown pics once they got out the barbershop was too appealing for me not to have a similar experience.


Barbers are the true magicians in this world. Make sure they are well looked after so they can look after our heads! The confidence felt after a trim is unmatched. You mentally go from a 4 before you sit in the chair to a 10 once you step out the barbershop.

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Trim have a buzz

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What is the boldest thing you have done straight after a serious trim? Let me know in the comments below

Till next time guys.



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