Raheem Sterling: Culture Icon

The boy from Brent to the culture icon of our generation.
Raheem Sterling MBE he deserves a very special mention.
His footballing ability puts him above the rest
His public fight for equality put his foot on the medias necks.
A baller for Man City and definitely a fan favourite.
He was out of form when the Euros was due to start.
With pundits and analysts saying he wouldn’t make his mark.
But we all believed that he would rise to the occasion.

3 goals 1 assist he’s England’s man in form.
3 lions on his shirt but Jamaica he was born.

He’s leaving a stellar legacy for all of us to see.
With Ian Wright singing his praises on big big ITV.
At 26 he is already a role model,
To his kids, school kids and many more hes a young mogul.
Wembley tattood on his arm, he already knew his destiny.
To see his dreams come true, it does nothing to bring out the best in him.

They are afraid of things they do not understand.
In his early years the papers tried their best to bring him down.
But greatness can’t be stifled out.
A young black king used his talent and voice to make us all proud.
Raheem Sterling MBE say his name, our role model. We are all proud

Special shout out to 3LanceMedia who collaborated with me on this special piece