Fashion is Now

Fashion blows like the wind. With every changing season brings a new style that brings a feeling of awe or nausea. But that’s why we love fashion, because like music it is subjective and it looks good once we get inspired buy the right fit or the right person wearing it. Fashion designers work tirelessly bringing their ideas to life on the runways, with the chosen models and the right endorsements.

Not only that – the music industry works perfectly with fashion, with both industries tending to promote each other. Your favourite influencer may have been inspired by a rapper or singer who was inspired by a model when they attended a fashion runway event. This is the world of fashion, its fast, its brutal but ultimately we love it, endorse it and always try to showcase our own personality through it.

2023 has just started which means that Fashion week is fast approaching. London, Paris, Milan and New York are arguably the four biggest cities when it comes to the famous Fashion Week. With London Fashion Week starting on Friday 17 February and ending on 21 February 2023. This would be a massive showcase from the world’s most famous designers ranging from Prada, Gucci, Valentino, Tod’s, Moncler and many more fashion houses.

“I want to see more collaborations between music and fashion on a larger scale – whether that is with shows or single artworks.” AJ Tracey quoted when referring to the importance of fashion within the ever evolving music industry. UK rappers have taken a major interest within the fashion scene over the last few years. With big UK names such as Skepta, AJ Tracey, Unknown T regularly attending fashion shows ac ross the globe and even wearing exclusive pieces designed for them by fashion designers to be showcased across runways. Central Cee who is arguably the most popping UK rapper now who is making huge waves overseas too recently had a massive collaboration with French designer Jacquemus. While the iconic fashion brand Boss booked rapper Dave to perform at its opening party for London Fashion Week in October 2022. Stormzy was also pictured sitting next to Kanye West, front row for the Burberry SS23 collection.

The UK’s emergence into the fashion scene is something to closely watch this year. 2022 really saw the popularity of the UK’s streetwear brand take over. Leading brands such as Corteiz really had the urban UK scene in the palm of its hands. The Bolo Exchange event saw thousands of young people trading in their prolific North Face and high brand designer jackets for the signature Corteiz bomber jackets for free. Cortiez then decided that these North Face and designer jackets were to be given to those in need via local charity shops. A significant move that really showed the bigger house-hold name brands that there has been a significant shift in the demand of the youth when it comes to streetwear fashion.

We also saw Corteiz release brand new items for sale before the end of the year including their new Avirex jackets. This was brilliantly promoted by an eye catching campaign video via social media platforms. This lead to the Avirex jackets selling out within minutes once they became available to buy. Following on from this we have seen prolific international rappers such as Drake wearing and positing this on his Instagram. This generational rise of brands such as Corteiz really show that fashion is forever and it has the ability to influence and capture the hearts of everyone that lays their eyes on it.