Chop It Off

Its been a while since my last post. During this pandemic, it is essential to step back and focus on the important things such as health and our well-being.

4 months into lockdown and I had enough. I took the plunge and cut my hair off. After 4 years of growth, canerows, twists and plaits it was time for something new.

Coming out of lockdown feeling like a new man. A man with waves (SOON)!

The anticipation of barbers opening up in July really got to me. My hair felt like it was heavy, hard to maintain and I genuinely didn’t know what else to do with my hair as I had done every style I liked (except locs).

Seeing every guys before and after lockdown pics once they got out the barbershop was too appealing for me not to have a similar experience.


Barbers are the true magicians in this world. Make sure they are well looked after so they can look after our heads! The confidence felt after a trim is unmatched. You mentally go from a 4 before you sit in the chair to a 10 once you step out the barbershop.

What is the boldest thing you have done straight after a serious trim? Let me know in the comments below

Till next time guys.




We’re back with something a little different this week. In this weeks interview styled blog I spoke to Caleb (footballer, poet, trainer, musician, developing producer, and more) about his locs journey. If you’re thinking about growing or even cutting your locs keep reading! We had chat about his local journey, his hairstyle preferences and what convinced him to cut his locs altogether! Its worth the read trust me – so lets get into it!

1. What made you want to start growing locs?
Since I’ve known myself, I haven’t had short hair for a long period of time. When I reached 18 onwards, my hair required more maintenance as it had grown very long (plus I was exercising daily). My mum has had locs for more than a decade I believe so I was swayed by her long, well-maintained locs, to some degree. When it comes down to it, however, I believe I actually got locs for practicality. Whilst at uni, I learnt how to maintain and style my own hair (twists, plaits, and semi-decent buns), but it just became too much to worry about. 06/01/2018 was the exact date I converted to locs. I was in my final year of uni and the busiest I’d ever been in my life, juggling education and many other things I had going on. I did not want my hair to add stress to my schedule. I think I had to throw myself into growing it as thinking too much has stifling the chance of going through the process.

2. How long did you grow your locs for?

I had my locs for 2 years, 7 weeks and 6 days.
So, I cut my locs on 28/02/2020.

3. Did you prefer the locs styles that were available?
I couldn’t do many locs styles when I started as I lost about half my hair length. So for most of my final year in uni, it was messy thick locs. I attempted my first style in June 2018 when I went on holiday. All I can say was that was the worst hair experience I have and most probably will ever have. My hair was so short but was stretched into a very nice cornrow style. I actually cried. Not sobbed. Cried. The shear pain makes water escape your eyes within seconds of pain. Nearer to the end of my locs’ life, they grew quite long, so I got loads of different styles every time I redid my hair. Going to see my loctician went from being filled with apprehension to joy.

4. How did locs make your head feel? were they heavy? Was it a trouble to sleep at night? How did they feel playing football? In the summer did it make your head hot?
As you can imagine, this was all dependent on the length on my locs. When I started it felt light and I had a lot of pain sleeping because my scalp was so tender after a retwisting as I started with INTER-LOCKING! Sleeping was easy with a durag. I moved to Finland for football in July 2018 and my hair was just about too short for a ponytail, so training, matches and daily exercise were a task (understatement). In pictures from my team, my locs look like they were never in a hairband, but they started in one. Once my hair grew past my ears and eyes, it became a lot easier to maintain. I could finally see the realistic sizes and relation between each loc so could better prepare my hair for football. Sleeping was easy with loc-specific headwraps. Summer was PAINFUL! Everyone with short hair is throwing water over their heads during the games, and I maybe had a fresh style which I couldn’t do that with. Football itself would mess up my hair. Winter was easier as your head was always warm, but I had to make sure I thoroughly dried my thiccc locs as they would hold on to water so much.

5. How much were you paying for your locs to be redone?
What a painful question. My mum actually started my locs and this caused a lot of discrepancies in the prices I paid. For the first year of locs, I was inter-locking and then went to palm-rolling. I started with a well known loctician in Walthamstow who charged £50 a session and an extra £10 when I wanted to style. I tried Morris Roots too, but the travel mixed with the extra £20 wasn’t for me. I do appreciate them for shaving my caterpillar like locs though. I finally moved away from this loctician and began to train my hair differently with the infamous Purely Natural in Stratford. They began to palm roll my locs and encouraged them to grow more. Here I paid anything from £60 to £90 every 6-8 weeks.

6. How painful was the process?
The first year was extremely painful. Inter-locking was tough because my mum had made my locs very thick and inter-locking the thickest locs was painful enough to make me want to rip off my scalp. The rest of process was fairly painless. A few tight palm rolled styles gave me an intermittent headache for a day or too but with some paracetamol, I was ok to work and play football etc. Overall, if you start well, it will continue well.

7. Why did you cut your locs?
Many have asked me and if you read the above questions you would probably be asking why I didn’t cut them earlier. They did become part of me. Part of my identity. Part of my image. One of the main reasons was one extremely thick loc hit my eye one evening. I’m not sure why, but that made me so angry, I said yes, it’s time LOL.
Otherwise, I started getting tired of the maintenance and money spending. I always felt like I was personally moving into a new chapter in life. In a few months I was going to be 24 and couldn’t remember myself with short-er hair. I also liked when I got flat cornrow styles with my locs that made me look like I had short hair. One day, I just woke up and said I’m going to do it today.

8. Do you miss having locs?
Listen I had my time, but the freedom I have now is amazing. I must admit though, I see pics of styles I had or others with locs and think back it. Then I get a bit of clarity and say nah. There was a point where I would have never cut my hair. This again, is why I say I think I’m moving into another chapter because I have NO REGRETS!

9. Would you ever grow your locs back in the future?
Yes, God willing I live into my 40s, I would grow locs around that age (hair line or no hair line). I would start in a hairdresser this time.

What’s funny is that I’ve only had one actual trim. The lockdown has caused me to grow an afro. Locs pt2 anyone?

10. What advice would you give to a guy thinking about either growing locs or keeping his hair cut low?
If you’re thinking about growing locs, think about why. Locs isn’t an overnight process. Locs mature over months, and dependent on the hair texture, even years. Secondly, the locs you want. This depends mainly on your lifestyle and style preference. Palm rolling is the most common style where the hair is encouraged to loc in coils. The advantage of this method is that sheen shiny look, neatness, ease in styling and you can actually comb this out without cutting them off Disadvantages mainly lay in the frequency of the visits to the hairdresser which means more money spending. This is because locticians must consistently train the hair to loc whilst palm rolling easily unravels (especially at the roots). Once locked, the main body of the hair will stay locked.
Now, inter-locking, my frenemy. Advantages begin with it being an almost instant-locking process. This means that you have less visits with the hairdresser, less money spending and you have more of a licence to be free about your activity level knowing that your roots won’t unravel.
Here come those disadvantages! So, if you’re really getting locs as a fashion statement and need all your partings to be precise you may not get that due to the process of inter-locking. When your hair is inter-locked, the hair does not have a coil pattern but rather has a harder slightly frayed rope look. This isn’t necessarily bad, just depends on your taste. You can still style your locs. Another problem I found was that your hair won’t appear to be growing as fast as palm rolling. This is purely based on the actual inter-locking process which involves making a knot at the root of the hair by using the main body of the loc (please YouTube this to see both styles). Finally, with inter-locking, it’s worth getting it done by someone who knows what they’re doing as inter-locking is a very intricate process and if not performed correctly can cause problems with your loc (like holes) once grown further.
For my friends who have locs and want to cut them off, I know the only thing that is stopping you is the fear of the unknown! You will be fine; take the step and you will be positively surprised by the freedom and ease you will receive. DO IT!

There you have it folks! An interesting loc journey that lasted for 2 years with a possibility of returning in the future. I hope that enjoyed the read! If you have any questions about starting or cutting your locs please let me know in the comments BELOW!



Quarantine Love

Ayy Akon really predicted the future when he released THAT banger 10 years ago because we are seriously Locked Up!

This is just a short light hearted blog to give you guys something to read while you chill at home.

This lockdown has got us all moving nuts! I didnt think I would miss my barber so much! Durags are life savers at this time. While our hair grows, our boredom grows BUT so does our natural level of creativity to make the best out of a bad situation. Ask Tory Lanez. #QuarantineRadio

If you know, you know

We have seen many artists perform at home through insta live, we have also seen artists have sound clashes and lets not forget the impact the #NS10v10 clashes are doing for the culture right now.

Its crazy how we have unlocked our hidden talents over the past 6 weeks of lockdown. Twitter has shown us that we can ALL cook! So ladies, you know the mandem have got you in the kitchen if you want a little home cooked meal.
@WHYBLEACH set black Twitter into dissaray with his school cake prices. I even copied his pineapple glazed wings and they were WAVEYY!

Our favourite artists have dropped mixtapes, singles and features for our own entertainment. Skepta, Chip & Young Adz’s collab album dropped, Yxng Bane new mixtape dropped and Drake released a new tape! So despite the fact that we are physically bored – we have somewhat been mentally stimulated.

PS4 nights and parties have gone off! Dead gamers have been found out and I think everyone is now sick of Fifa 20!! (EA do better). Couples that live apart have turned to Soulja Boys banger “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” for comfort during these times

One thing we can look forward to is the new opportunities presented to us and the new appreciation for things in life when we are finally allowed out of quarantine. But for now, hang in there, keep cooking, keep doing the 5k challenge (summer body 2021 at this rate LOL) and we will all catch each other in a rave on the other side! Stay safe




Insomnia – Skepta Edition

Skepta has become synonymous with the UK’s music scene. Whether its grime, rap, Afro swing or pop he has cemented himself as a landmark within the genre.

His history speaks for itself but how does he fare on an album with such a diverse cast? Very Very well.

Young Adz and Chip are both artists at the height of their careers however both their strengths (displayed on this tape at least) are at polar opposites. Chip is a no holds barred lyricist and will be relentless when it comes to strapping bars for a beat, young adz however has been supplying the scene with melodic hooks for 2-3 summers and doesn’t not seem to be slowing down one bit.

This is where Skepta comes in, his versatility is what forms a bridge between the three artists. Certain tracks have him offering hard hittin verses like the opening lines of ‘Sin City ‘

‘I had big waps, hurt my wrist from the kick back
Click-clack, roll up on ’em in the pitch black
Switching sides, now a nigga wanna switch back
Said I ain’t a p***y, I was talking big facts’

He can also switch it up like on the hook of the smooth and rightly titled ‘Golden Brown.’

On the track ‘Demons’ he shows how he is able to mirror other artist styles and make them his own effortlessly.

One of my favourite things about Skepta as an artist, is his ability to flex in ways that most can’t which he has been doing since his grime days. In the insomnia interlude he raps:

‘Yeah, huh, how can I fall asleep when I’m on this FaceTime with Nao— shh’

Such a simple line but such a big FLEX! If you know you know…or you could just check rap genius lol.

Wether its melodies, lyrical verses or just calm vibes the versatility that has kept him relevant through the different eras of the UK scene shines through as he never feels out of place anywhere on the album.


Words by Moh

Insomnia – Young Adz Edition

Second up on this trilogy project is Young Adz. One half of DBE Young Adz is known for bringing the Wave music into the UK scene with the likes of M Huncho, Yxng Bane and Nafe Smallz.  Young Adz has been known as a barrer in his earlier days but focuses more on melodies now. 

The big question that most fans had when they heard about this joint project, was whether he would be able to hold his own with the lyrical abilities of Skepta and Chip. Young Adz was able to deliver.

While he may not have been as lyrically inclined in the project as Chip and Skepta, he was able to hold his own with the content delivered and the flows used and of course with his ability to turn any melody into a hit. This is highlighted in the lead single ‘Waze’.  Whilst when the song first dropped many weren’t sure about whether it was a hit or not, after a week all doubts were diminished. Young Adz’s hook is one of the reasons for this. His ability to make anything catchy is unparalleled.

It is well known that Young Adz has a Greezy past. This is ever more prevalent in this tape. The content he talks about is more of an insight into his past and is a fresh brake from the content he is known for on his songs.

We hear more of Young Adz’s pain and trauma from his life on the roads. His verse on the song ‘High Roads’ shows this. His first line ‘I watched my favourite fiend Donna die’ holds extreme weight as you come to the realisation that not only did it impact him, he was the cause of her death. His delivery and flow on this verse really helps the words sink in and is definitely a stand out on the project. 

In ‘Insomnia interlude’ we get more of the old Young Adz with the content we have become accustomed to, and it is too wavey. The Flow and Melodies Young Adz hits in that song are extremely catchy and have you bopping your head like the Jay Z meme without realising it. 

As said before when this tape was announced, we had our doubts as to whether he would be able to keep up with Skepta and Chip as they have both been deep in the game for so many years. Young Adz did not let himself down and held his own on the project. His spot was well deserved, and he added an element to the project that Chip and Skepta could not have brought. 


Words by – @TheOfficial80

Insomnia – Chip Edition

3 of arguably the biggest UK rappers released the tape of 2020 so far titled “Insomnia”. This 12 track tape brings a variety of bars, hooks and smoke. We haven’t had any sleep since its dropped and now we are going to review the tape. But instead of going track by track we are going to delve into this rapper by rapper. Who gets all the smoke?! Keep reading and you’ll find out!!

On a recent Instagram live interview with Michael Dapaah and Chip, Michael Dapaah asked Chip what he wanted his legacy to be when he was finally done with music. Chip coyly stated that when people look back on his career he wants people to say that this guy had bars. That is one undeniable fact about Chips illustrious rap career – he just Cant Run Out Of Bars.

Chip is definitely the star of this Insomnia album. He delivers on every track on the album and switches his flow to match the beat whenever it is necessary. He has proven to be one of the most lyrically gifted rappers in the country on this album as he goes back to back with Skepta and Young Adz who are arguably at the top of their game right now.

Chip shows his ruthlessness in verse on the track “Waze” and drops many quotable phrases such as “these days mcs only say they’re the best when they are the only ones in the room.” Bars like this have brought about a big buzz publicly, on social media and even by Americans in recent reaction videos. Check out a reaction video for the song “Waze” below.

The trio dropped the music video for the track “Mains” recently, this song is a personal favourite of mine. Chip’s flow and wordplay over this beat solidifies his talent – he even borrows Young Adz style and switches back to his own effortlessly.

“Three piece suit, I look like someone’s husband, don’t be fooled, I don’t cufflinks” – this bar is found on the 2nd song of the album titled Golden Brown, where we hear Chip give a reflection on life and gives a quirky outlook on how he sets his own path rather than follow one.

“Chips just cool, he’s not a goon (that’s facts) but I’ll lick you with the violent rhymes” Chip spits this on his verse on Demons (feat Dirtbike LB) and that’s a fact – if you look back to all his war dubs a few years ago. This tune has 10000x replay value!

ST Tropez is a VIBEEE!! Skeppy, Young Adz and Chip all delivered on this one. The beat really draws out the natural talent of these rappers to flow and rhyme going back to back in such an effortless manner.

Chip delivers a smoother, more melodic flow over Mic Check which fits well with this beat. It shows a softer more versatile to Chips pen game.

Traumatised looks at a darker side of life for the 3 rappers and what they deal with outside of the music industry. Chip makes reference to PTSD and allows us to have an insight into how deep things can get. Sin City follows a similar subject path with Chip rhyming on the past and how he found his path to music. “I said dad I wanna rap cus I want all the things that the shottas have.” The lyrics for this one are deep which is why the trio released a lyric video for this track. Highlighting the importance of the message they are preaching on this one.

High road – “I miss the days where if you couldn’t rap you DIDN’T.” Chip deservedly gives himself his own accolades on this one. Solidifying the fact that he was there from the beginning and is an example of how hard work can improve your life for the better.

Star In The Hood – “call me a legend when they see me, my nigga I aint even gotta die” – If you go through Chips discovery and the impact he has left on the scene over the past 13 years – you would HAVE to call it legendary.

Intro – put at the end of the album, and what a way to end it! A quck back to back from the trio with Chips line ending on “don’t need a pot, just whipping an m in the booth.”

RATING: CHIP = 10/10

Animated Hairos

Another Monday means another blog, and we are “BACK AGAIN” – big up Troopz for that one!

We’re back 😏

Recently I have noticed the clear and apparent publication of black hairstyles in animation on TV and even big screen movies. I will be delving into examples of throwback and more recent characters that show a variety of these styles . If you are a fan of animated movies, cartoons and shows then this one is for you!


Let’s kick it off with the amazing Spider-man movie that dropped last year titled “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse.” This introduced the first afro-latina Spider-man character “Miles Morales” into the Spider-verse on the big screen. This quirky, cool character sported a rather un-tamed afro and really stamped black roots on a big mainstream hero. This was even accompanied by the black Spider-suit and the trade-mark Jordan 1 Retro High Spider-Man Origin Story Nike Dunks.

Who DIDN’T watch “The Boondocks” ?! This show was the pinnacle of Black America when it initially launched on 6 November 2005. It was a hilarious outline on black lives in America. It followed the trends of music, news, the world and even played up to stereotypes of Uncle Toms and the typical rapper lifestyle. Huey and Riley Freeman were the main characters with contrasting personalities and hairstyles. With Riley opting for canerows while Huey chose to have his hair out in a huge afro which seemed to signify his “woke” personality. Let’s not forget Thugnificent – his hairstyle was plain and simply WILD!

Frozone – “Where is my super suit?” he was a great addition to the Incredibles family that provided extra wit and a frosty finish. Although he was bald – it does show a variety of hairstyles or lack of hairstyles for black characters within the cinematic universe.

People found a comical resemblance between Stormzy and Frozone at the BRITS 2020

Real 90s babies are going to love this one! Who remembers Gerald from “Hey Arnold!” ? he was one of the original characters to have a consistent high top in the 90s cartoon world.

Static – the DC animated hero with the power of electromagnetic control and generation. He was known for his distinctive dreads and his electricity generating from his hands while surfing on his self-built metal saucer.

90s babies I’m going to take you down memory lane AGAIN for this one. Vincent Pierre “Vince” LaSalle is one of the main characters of the television show we all loved called “Recess.” On top off that, he rocked the typical 90s/early noughties high top fade throughout the shows air time on television. He was also known to be confident, cool and very athletic – often seen with a basketball in his hand.


If you have any characters that I’ve missed in this blog, let me know in the comments below!

hArt Apparel Store – Behind the Art

We’re back with something a little different this week. In this weeks interview styled blog I spoke to Andre Hart the man behind the rising educational clothing brand “hArt Apparel Store.” If you’re into fashion, hair and inspiration keep reading! We had chat about his brand, his goals and his achievements so far. Its worth the read trust me – so lets get into it!

What inspired you to start hArt Apparel?

I started hArt Aparrel Store mainly because I feel like there’s so much undiscovered art out there. My surname is Hart, and I didn’t even clock till recently that my name has the word “ART”; in it. We overlook things that are right in front of us sometimes. I made it my job to look beneath the surface, hence – hArt Apparel Store.

Would you say that fashion has a heavy influence on the way you think and dress personally?

Personally? Yeah 100%. Look good, feel good, I’ve always been one to take extra pride in my appearance, I’m always the “fashionably late” one in the group. I like to take inspiration from current trends and make them my own.

How long have you been running the company for?

I initially manifested the brand on the 1st January 2019 then officially launched on May 25th of the same year. It was in the works prior, I just didn’t want to rush things.

Where are you based?

We are based in East London, Newham – Custom House

How are you different from the rest of the fashion lines out there at the moment? What makes you unique?

I think what makes hAS unique is its mantra. I’ve labelled it as education streetwear. Aiming to bridge the gap between fashion and education. Sports & Fashion is so synonymous, why can’t education? If I can educate and make it trendy, I’ve done my job.

Can you explain how your clothing benefits natural hair? Do you use unique materials?

I’ve wanted to make hair protective hoodies for ages, I used to have long hair and it would always mess up fast during winter when I’d put up my hood. Now I’ve got a fade with waves, same issue! The satin lined hoody I recently released is the solution! Same material as a bonnet or durag, less hassle! You don’t even have to have afro hair to benefit. The comfort suits all.

What are hArt Apparels plans for 2020?

2020 for the brand is about establishing our niche in the market. People know we have clothing but clothing is only one half of the brand. The other half is what we DO. We are planning an event for the summer too. Our 1 year anniversary celebration. Due to be lit!

Have any social/famous figures worn or supported your brand?

I’ve reached out to a few people that I’ve crossed paths with growing up in east. Yxng Bane, Selecta Jay, Darren Hart aka Hartman, to name a few all have Tees.

I’ve seen you describe your clothing brand as educational streetwear – a segment for young writers to create within fashion. Can you elaborate more on this and how you allow writers to do this?

I want to be able to connect with young adults who love creating literature. An aspiring poet from UEL for example or an aspiring storyteller from St Bonaventures. I’d love to help them get their work out there, my clothing the canvas for them to create. Whether on clothing or even a blog space.

Where do you see Hart Apparel in 5 years?

Collaborating first and foremost with the youths who want to be involved. Then collaborating with other microbrands who I could exchange values with.

Long term? I’d want to have so much of an effect on education that I completely infiltrate the SYSTEM! Being the supplier for University merch would be my goal. Then I would like to take over school uniforms/PE kits, anything fashion, education related needs to run through the hArt apparel store – the leaders of the new school.

This concludes a detailed overlook of the upcoming wavey brand “hArt Apparel Store.” I am definitely copping a grey hoodie after this chat. If you want to find the brand online – their insta handle is @hartapparelstore. Check them out, cop a tee, hat or jumper and support the brand. This is definitely one to look out for, 2020 promises to bring big things for the brand, their exposure and growth!!


JuJu J is back with a bang! His album “Big Conspiracy” dropped on Friday 24 January 2020 and it’s an excellent body of work. The song chosen from his album for this weeks song of the week is:


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Plait-inum Stylez

This week’s blog will be covering plaits, the highs and lows, how they are created and how they benefit our hair health. I am currently rocking a new style which was inspired by AJ Tracey on the cover of his Deluxe album. I’m not even going to lie, this is my favourite hairstyle I have had – SO FAR!

Plaits are another highly popular hairstyle which can used by many different hair textures. They are a multi-functional style and provide a variety of unique looks.

They are fairly more complex than twists and are formed by interlacing three or more strands of hair. This is achieved by splitting the hair into three sections.

Plaits can be left to fall off the head like how Krept has his, or they can be put into a ponytail at the top or back of your head – a style that Scorcher has rocked many times. Or they can be canerowed at the top of your head as seen in my picture above.

There is a deep-rooted history behind plaits, which makes the concept of this hairstyle more prolific amongst others. This style dates back to 3500 BC and was mainly used as symbolic style of societal status, ethnicity and religion within African culture and was very popular among women.

Aylsa Pace of @bomanesalon states that braiding (also known as plaits/plaiting) started in Africa with the Himba people of Namibia. In many African tribes, braid patterns and hairstyles were an indication of a person’s tribe, marital status, age, wealth and power.

The elder’s would braid their children’s hair, then their children would watch and learn from them. This was a skill that has been knowingly passed down through the generations. That’s a perfect example of being a “TOP MILITERIAN” – J Hus would appreciate that! Plaits became immensely popular around the world in the 1900s with women, men and children rocking this style.

J Hus has been recently returning back to his routes and begun teaching people how to be a “Militerian”

There are a few benefits to getting your hair plaited. Plaits, like twists are very low maintenance and can be kept in for up to 3 weeks before they will need to be re-done. All they require is regular greasing of your scalp to maintain its moisture and to sleep with a durag to ensure that your plaits do not become frayed and messy.

This style also aids with natural hair growth and maintain you’re hairs moisture as they are classed a “protective style.” This is a style that protects your hair from natural elements such as rain and wind which could lead to hair breakage. Healthy hair is key to hair growth and this style will ensure that your hair remains as healthy as possible.

Plaits add variety to the styles you can achieve. Have a scroll through the pictures in this blog to see the different plaits styles you may like to try. Ranging from the classical man bun, loose plaits, short plaits and plaits that are canerowed into a variety of styles.

@brinashairlounge – the personal hairstylist for AJ Tracey is a magician with her plait styles. This can be seen with the wide catalogue of hairstyles AJ Tracey has in his videos, insta posts and as mentioned before – his album cover.

This draws a satisfying end to this weeks blog on plaits, their history, the different hairstyles you can do with them and the natural benefits it provides your hair with.


If you haven’t been keeping up to date with the Wiley v Stormzy beef I suggest you do your research. This week’s song of the week is awarded to Stormzy for his second war dub to Wiley titled ‘STILL DISAPPOINTED’

Stormzy 2 – 0 Wiley. If you disagree, let me know in the comments below.


It’s 2020 and Bar of the week is back baby!

AND…. We have to give it to Ghetts for this cheeky bar in the ‘XPENSIVE HABITS REMIX’

“My monthly outgoings are mental but so is my income.
Cant buy 1 gotta buy 2 – identical twin one.
I got that for my son in the blue, and got my daughter the pink one”

One Acen – Expensive Habits Remix featuring JME X GHETTS X CHIP

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