Animated Hairos

Another Monday means another blog, and we are “BACK AGAIN” – big up Troopz for that one! Recently I have noticed the clear and apparent publication of black hairstyles in animation on TV and even big screen movies. I will be delving into examples of throwback and more recent characters that show a variety ofContinue reading “Animated Hairos”

Plait-inum Stylez

This week’s blog will be covering plaits, the highs and lows, how they are created and how they benefit our hair health. I am currently rocking a new style which was inspired by AJ Tracey on the cover of his Deluxe album. I’m not even going to lie, this is my favourite hairstyle I haveContinue reading “Plait-inum Stylez”

2020 vision: A Fresh Start

Happy new year to all the readers. This year is all about breaking boundaries and trying new things. This also extends to our hairstyles. Whether you are planning to try a particular style, grow your hair or cut your hair. It’s all about getting out of our comfort zone and experimenting. Waves, plaits, twists, canerows.Continue reading “2020 vision: A Fresh Start”

Twist An’ Go

Who doesn’t love twists?! And if you don’t, then this isnt for you… But stay! This will change your mind! I am an ambassador for the simple two strand twists, as they are the most versatile hairstyle that are suitable for maintaining a professional look (for work, interviews etc) and as a trendy look whenContinue reading “Twist An’ Go”

Durag Season🥶

Whats the whole point of durags? Are they a necessity or are they more of a fashion statement? We will never forget when David Beckham wore a durag to meet Prince Charles! Wrong place, wrong time but its still such a legendary moment in British history. This raised similar controversy when Love Islands Jack FowlerContinue reading “Durag Season🥶”

That Shrinking Feeling

Shrinkage is defined as the decrease in length when your hair dries. For guys this can happen quite frequently, especially if you are very active. If like me, you regularly go to the gym or play sports such as football, basketball etc just know your hair will look a lot shorter after your hour gymContinue reading “That Shrinking Feeling”

Texture Flexer

“Hair texture? What even is that? Is it even important? Hair is hair and as long as I’ve got it and it isn’t falling out then I’m calm.” This was literally my response a couple years ago to the thought of hair texture. It’s only when I tried different hairstyles and wondered why my hairContinue reading “Texture Flexer”


Waves, high tops, curls, canerows, plaits, locs…… mandem do we really care about alla that? Well guess what? This blog is all about caring.. “And if you dont know, now you know jigga” This blog will be diving into different styles available for the mandem that want to grow their hair, try different styles andContinue reading “HAIR FOR IT”