TIKS Documentary: Throw In The Kitchen Sink – Changing Society

Women’s football is always a side of football that is painfully and constantly overlooked by the media and the public. In recent years there have been a lot more attention shown towards women’s football. However, the fight for equal pay, the lack of broadcasting and many more adversities is still prevalent within the women’s game. In more recent years, there has been more limelight and attention shone towards women’s football. The widely popular football game FIFA has started to incorporate playable women’s football teams within the game. This was seen as a major attempt to incorporate the normality of women’s football within the mainstream game.

We have started to see the slow incorporation of women within the mainstream aspect of football. This can be seen with the introduction of women’s linesmen within the Premier league. Along with female TV Broadcasters such as Alex Scott MBE on mainstream platforms such as BBC Football and Sky Sports.

3Lance Media are doing something ground-breaking for women’s football with their new documentary. Highlighting the issues that women face within the game. This documentary shows a real insight into how women within football are treated. The documentary contains in depth interviews with footballers, coaches and female journalists detailing the issues within the game.

Bella Andrew Artha – Footballer for Victoria Park Vixens – “Boys don’t stop playing football but for some reason there is this bracket for girls where if it’s not boys then football is not a thing.”

Episode 1 of the documentary titled ‘Sexism and Sexuality’ dropped on 29 March 2021 with 3Lance Media providing the opportunity for viewers to hear about the level of sexism within the world of women’s football. This is explained with experiences and stories from all aspects of the game. One worrying fact is that all those interviewed, including fans, players and coaches share the same story and same voice. Prompting the world of football to change the misogynistic attitude towards the women’s game.

Drew Diamond – board member “HerFootballHub” – ‘women are one of the most powerful things on this planet, we are here because of women.’

Episode 2 – “Broadcasting Issues” was released on 5 April 2021 and it includes shocking facts regarding the broadcasting issues that women’s football faced. With a clear spike in viewers at the previous Women’s World Cup of over 28 million viewers. There was then a sudden dip in viewers once the World Cup had come to an end. Signifying that there is a major issue with how women’s football is being broadcasted and advertised for viewers to remain interested and watching within club teams domestic seasons.

‘The World Cup was good for legitimating women’s football… what we need to do now is make sure there is a knock on effect for broadcasters and sponsors to invest’ – Maggie Murphy – Manager of Lews FC. As the documentary progresses we are shown how the previous women’s World Cup was widely watched across the globe. Womens football now need to get backed and given more limelight by major brands and broadcasters in order to raise the women’s games profile to the higher heights.

The documentary goes on to reveal that a lot of the footballers within the game have other careers such as lawyers, running care homes and many more. The fact they are willing to work and play football at a high level shows the passion that is very much apparent within the game. This in itself is something that needs to be highlighted and many of the players need to reap the rewards for their loyalty and passion towards the sport.

This docuseries which is released on a weekly basis by 3Lance Media is a refreshing and much needed documentation of the women’s side to the game we all love. Highlighting that society needs to change their views and catch up to the reality that women do like sport and are very good at it. It’s time that women are put on an equal playing field as men on the pitch and off it.

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2020 vision: A Fresh Start

Happy new year to all the readers. This year is all about breaking boundaries and trying new things. This also extends to our hairstyles. Whether you are planning to try a particular style, grow your hair or cut your hair. It’s all about getting out of our comfort zone and experimenting.

Just like NSG we’ve got Options

Waves, plaits, twists, canerows. There are lots of styles we can discover over the course of the next 12 months and I will be covering them all.

Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts this year! If you would like me to cover any specific topics let me know in the comments below and I will be happy to cover this on future blog posts.

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Barbershop Tings: A Bloggers Edition

Barbers are the best part of a mans grooming ritual. You sit into the barber chair looking average and you step out of the chair feeling brand new. We all love the barbers and the loyalty we hold for our barbers (if they are good) is unmatched. Some girls say guys are more loyal to their barbers than to them! But here’s why: How can one man with a razor have the power to turn your life around in the space of 20 minutes? Ask Big Tobz who addresses this in his 2016 smash hit: “Believe in your barber.”

The catchy phrase “Believe in your bludclaarrt barber” originated from this track

Lets talk about the barbershop community. This is an exclusive community to those who need their hair cut and want to vent about the weeks frustrations. Key relationships and life lessons are built from a barbershop and after a few years you may consider your barber a close friend. I’ve been at weddings where a groom’s best man was his barber! How about that for believing in your bludclaart barber!

Barber shops teach us how to deal with issues how a “real man” would. These issues range from our women, dating, job problems to raising our kids. However, a topic that raises the most form of controversy is the beloved topic of football. If you support Arsenal and you have the bravery to argue with your die hard Chelsea supporter barber, you may leave the shop with your hairline finiiisheeddd!!

These magicians change our lives. If you want to try a new style, your barber should be able to tell you if this style will suit you and if he can perform the specific cut you want. If he can’t then hes gots to go! Taper fades, encouraging waves, line partings, side burns and beard grooming should all be part of your barber’s forte.

We as men give thanks to our barbers as they are seen as our own personal stylists for a meagre price of £10-15! I remember when I first started growing my hair, my barber encouraged my hair to grow in the correct manner by making sure the cut (skin fade on the side) did not disrupt the natural growth on the top and higher sides of my head. These cuts were all performed while engaging in a deep chat about our struggles we faced during the week and how we would spend the rest of our weekend to unwind from weekly pressures.

I recently visited the theatre to visit a British play based on the barber life titled ‘Barber Shop Chronicles.’ This is a play that gives a thoughtful and insightful overview of barbers across the world and how each barbershop deals with different yet similar issues. The Guardian gave it a 4/5 star rating and described it as: “an undeniably beautiful thing, packed with authentic dialogue and stunning flashes of insight.” Check the review for this play in the link below. You may even recognize a couple of the actors pictured in this article!


Leading UK barbers like Smokey Barbers and HD Cutz have been killing the game recently. Instagram and Twitter have been showcasing the serious artistry these barbers possess when they create videos which show a before and after haircut picture/video. They are also responsible for cutting hair for influential black figures in the UK, footballers like Raheem Sterling, Jadon Sancho and many more have had their hair styled by these barbers and it shows on the big stage. When we see them playing and scoring bangers for their clubs on European nights in the Champions League it always looks better when they have a fresh cut. Sky HD really highlights the definition of these cuts.


GRM Daily have also started to move into the barber game with their new show titled “In Da Cut” where our favourite UK rappers are challenged to cut a brave member of the publics hair! It’s a great watch! The game is changing and barbers are getting the recognition they deserve!


The barbershop creates a community of unity, respect and a high level of banter. The essence of such characteristics should not be lost over the years as it is now engraved into our culture. Find the right barber and barbershop for you and I guarantee that you will spend a couple extra hours in the barbershop on a Saturday debating random topics such as: “Are Caribbean’s really Caribbean’s and is Africa really the motherland?”



How highly do you rate your barber? Let me know in the comments below!